Zeblaze Thor 6 SmartWatch Review: Pros and Cons + Full Details


After one year of launching the Zeblaze Thor 5 Pro smartwatch. Zeblaze has launched another new 4G smartwatch under the name Zeblaze Thor 6. The wearable got a round dial and is equipped with an Helio P22 Octa-Core processor, dual camera, 4GB RAM, 64GB ROM, and running the latest Android 10 OS. Get it on Aliexpress

What is in The Box?

zeblaze Thor 6 box

Opening the box, you get:

  1. Zeblaze Thor 6 smartwatch
  2. Magnetic Charging
  3. User manual
  4. Screen Protector

Design of Zeblaze Thor 6 4G Watch?

Zeblaze Thor 6 Design

As you see in the picture above. The Thor 6 smartwatch got a rugged design very different from the previous Zeblaze watches. it looks stylish, fashionable, and suitable for men and women. Measuring 54*51*17.8mm and weighing about 74g. The body is made out of plastic + ceramic bezel while the strap is available in silicone.

Zeblaze thor 6 screen

There are two physical buttons on the right side of the case and between theme a 5MP camera, while the other camera is embedded on the top. The reverse side of the device received a typical configuration – these are magnetic contacts for charging and a heart rate sensor. Regarding the display screen! Zeblaz 6 has a 1.6-inch display with a 400 x 400-pixel resolution.


Zeblaze Thor 6 camera

Like Zeblaze Thor 5 Pro, This Thor 6 is also equipped with dual cameras. The 5 MP camera is on the side just between the two buttons and the 5MP camera is embedded on the front.

The front-placed camera can be used for video calls, selfies, and for the “face unlock” feature, while the side camera (placed on the edge of the watch) you can take pictures with it.

Waterproof Function:

Thor 6 waterproof

In this Zeblaze Thor 6, we have IP67 protection so it is completely resistant to all environmental challenges, such as heavy rain, dust storms, or even immersion in water. However, I do not recommend using it for swimming, because it does not bear pressure and saltwater can damage it. And can withstand minor shocks or drops from low heights.

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Features of Thor 6 4G smartwatch?

zeblaze thor 6 Features

Just like Kospet Prime 2 and Lemfo LEM 12 Pro smartwatch. Zeblaze Thor 6 is powered by an Helio P22 Octa-Core processor and running Android 10, along with at least 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage. in-line with the existing MediaTek Helio P series, this P22 has incredible low-light performance, multi-frame noise reduction, and clear-image zoom technology allowing for an optimal mix of power-saving and performance for the mid-range.

Zeblaze Thor 6 sport

In addition to the features mentioned above! This device is also can make calls without the need for a phone. supports WIFI and 4G LTE connectivity, GPS/GLONASS as well as Bluetooth. built-in 9 sports mode and supports Face ID unlock heart rate monitor, pedometer, weather, and much more.

Playing games on Thor 6 watch:

Zeblaze Thor 6 game

After a few days of using Zeblaze 6! I can say this is one of the best smartwatches to play games. I’ve installed the Subway surfer game and played it for a while. The game runs fast and smooth without making the watch heat up, and that is because the watch is equipped with the latest Helio P22 processor as well as 4GB of RAM.

Zeblaze Thor 6 Battery:

thor 6 battery

This Android smartwatch equipped with an 830 mAh battery capacity, you may think that is large and can Long-lasting but in fact, it is the black point in this smartwatch. it doesn’t do much favor when it comes to performance-heavy tasks. Browsing the net, playing games or, if you dare, watch a video, will torture the battery to death. However, by using it moderately like switching the wifi on/off, you can easily get a half or full day of use out of the Thor 6. Ultimately, the battery life all depends on your usage but the device would definitely have benefited from a battery with a bigger capacity.


Zeblaze Thor 6 Full Specs:

Device Thor 6
Shape Round
Dimension 54*51*17.8mm
Weight 74g
Sim card Nano-sim card
Display IPS
Screen Size 1.6inch
Screen Resolution 400*400 pixels
Operating System Android 10.0
Camera 5MP+5MP
Multi-sports mode 9 Sports modes
Heart rate monitor Yes
Face ID Yes
Specker Yes
Waterproof IP67
GPS+Bluetooth Yes
Connectivity 4G+WIFI
Strap TPU
Battery Capacity 830 mAh
Standby time less than one days
Price $$ Prices are Below

Pros and Cons of the Thor 6 watch?

Pros: Stylish Design, Daul Camera, Bluetooth 5.0, 9 sports modesAndroid 10, 4GB/64GB, MediaTek MT6762 processor, Face ID unlock, Removable Strap

Cons: Poor battery, Not suitable for swimming

Price and availability?

Zeblaze Thor 6 is available right now only on Aliexpress at the best price. Check Price

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    • Hi Nicolas! Yes, You are totally right, unfortunately! this is one of the best smartwatches that I have ever used! I’m really like it, it is very fast and smooth. the only stuff that kills this watch is the battery. However, the watch is very good if you don’t use the 4G connectivity or playing games too much. We hope to see soon a 4G smartwatch with the thor 6 features but with a large battery.

  1. fitness app doubt: please did someone already tried to export the exercises (recorded using the standard Fitness app) to another platform? .fit for example

  2. A few weeks ago I read this article, so I decided to buy a Thor6 Zeblaze. Get a good price thanks to Ali Express and get the smartwatch after 2 weeks. First impressions, that can create almost anything a smartphone, I would not call it a smartwatch, but a hybrid. Has its own Sim slot, has Google, Google Maps, Playstore, WhatsApp, Facebook etc. All well and good, where does it work? A large battery that doesn’t do much good. When I charge in the evening, in the morning is already over 50% empty, without which I would have needed the Watch. So this hybrid loses its value, one regrets having bought the watch. What a pity

    • Hi Peter, Yes, I’ve written in this post that this watch has a poor battery.
      As an Android watch, It should be a 1600 mAh Battery capacity of at least


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