R3L SmartWatch

R3L SmartWatch Pros and Cons + Full Details

R3L is another new smartwatch at a cheap price. a fitness tracker that can monitor health status and sports activities in real-time. The smartwatch...
SENBONO DM20 4G Smart Watch

Senbono DM20 4G SmartWatch Pros and Cons + Full Details

Senbono DM20 is a new 4G smartwatch available out in the markets. an Android smartwatch phone That can make without the need for a...

SENBONO SN87 New Smartwatch 2020

Yesterday! we saw Senbono S02 smartwatch, which is a fitness tracker with round dial. and today! we have another smartwatch but with a square...

SENBONO S02 SmarWatch Pros and Cons + Full Details

  After Senbono S11 and S20! SENBONO is back again with a new smartwatch at the cheap price named SENBONO S02. a fashionable wearable with...

SENBONO S20 Smartwatch Pros and Cons + Full Details

After Senbono S11. Senbono has launched its second smartwatch in this year called Senbono S20. a fashionable wearable with stylish round shape and packed...

Senbono S11 Smartwatch Pros and cons +Full Details

Senbono S11 is the first smartwatch from Senbono in 2020. Last year we saw Senbono S09 and S10 pro watch, and both are sporty...

SENBONO S09 Smartwatch Pros and Cons

After SENBONO S10 Pro! SENBONO has released its new smartwatch with a classic design called SENBONO S09....

SENBONO S10 Pro Smartwatch Pros and Cons

SENBONO S10 Pro SENBONO S10 Pro is another new smartwatch available in the market. The wearable is a...