Allcall Awatch GTA SmartWatch

Allcall Awatch GTA SmartWatch Pros and Cons + Full Details

AwaAfter Allcall Model 3 smartwatch. Allcall is back again and brought us another new smartwatch call Allcall Awatch GTA. The new wearable is a...
Allcall Awatch GT2 VS Awatch GT

Allcall Awatch GT2 VS Awatch GT SmartWatch Comparison

Allcall Awarch GT2 and Awatch GTĀ are the latest Android smartwatches from Allcall. Both are standalone smartwatch That can make calls without the need for...
Allcall Awatch GT

Allcall Awatch GT 4G Smartwatch Pros and Cons+ Full Details

  After a long absence! Allcall is back again with a new Android smartwatch called Allcall Awatch GT. it's a smartwatch phone with Dual camera,...