Kospet Prime 2 SmartWatch Pros and Cons + Full Details


Kospet is preparing to launch its new smartwatch Kospet Prime 2, which is the second version of the popular Kospet Prime. The new wearable comes with high specs compared to the previous one. It is The world’s first Android smartwatch that comes with 64GB ROM, 4GB RAM, Helio P22 Processor, 13MP Camera, and running the latest Android 10. So let jump to the full details!

Design of Kospet Prime 2 Android 10 Smartwatch?

Kospet Prime 2 4G SmartWatch

As you see in the picture above! The new Prime 2 got a round shape that looks stylish and more classy. Measuring 17.4*50*60 mm and weighing 120g. having a full round body with a ceramic bezel while the strap is removable and available in TPU.

On the right side of the display! you will find two buttons to switch on/off the watch, while the camera is embedded on the top. On the backside of the dial, you will find the SIM card slot, heart rate monitor, and magnetic contacts. Regarding the display screen! Kospet Prime smartwatch has a 2.1-inch large Full round Display with 480*480 pixels. This large screen shows more content while you navigate the internet.

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Kospet Prime 2 camera:

Kospet Prime 2 Camera

Pthe KOSPET PRIME 2 featured 90 degrees rotating camera module With 13MP. The camera module features a Sony IMX214 Sensor and located on the top! allowing you to easily take selfies, photographs, and videos. With this revolutionary hardware innovation, no longer do you need to contort your wrist into awkward positions or fumble for your phone. The new sensor will improve the smartwatch¡s camera support and will aid in measuring the size of any object more accurately.

Kospet Prime 2 4G Smartwatch Features:

Kospet Prime 2 Smart

Kospet Prime 2 is The world’s first Android watch phone powered by a MediaTek MT6762 processor and running Android 10. Not only this, but it is also the world’s first Android watch equipped with 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM. Rich RAM and ROM will make Kospet Prime 2 work better, enable multitasking, improve performance, and run smoothly. In addition, you can download all Android apps that can run on Android.

In Addition to the features mentioned above! Prime 2 watch can make calls without the need for a phone. supports WIFI and 4G LTE connectivity, GPS/GLONASS as well as Bluetooth. Additional features are Face ID unlock, Multisports Modes, heart rate monitor, pedometer, weather, and much more. The watch also has a 1600mAh large battery capacity with 2-4 days of normal usage.


Kospet Prime 2 smartwatch Full Specs:

Device Prime 2
Shape Round
Dimension 60*50*17.4mm
Weight 120g
Sim card Nano-sim card
Display IPS
Screen Size 2.1inch
Screen Resolution 480*480 pixels
Operating System Android 10 OS
Camera 13MP
Processor Helio P22
Multi-sports mode Yes
Heart rate monitor Yes
Face ID Yes
Specker Yes
Waterproof Non-Waterproof
GPS+Bluetooth Yes
Connectivity 4G+WIFI
Strap Leather+ TPU
Battery Capacity 1600 mAh
Standby time 2-4 days
Price $$ Prices are Below

Pros and Cons According to specs?

Pros: Stylish Design, Large Display, Huge battery, 13MP Camera, Android 10, 4GB/64GB, MediaTek MT6762 processor, Face ID unlock

Cons: Non-Waterproof smartwatch

Price and availability?

Kospet Prime 2 is available at Banggood, Gearbest, and Aliexpress at different Prices. You can select the best price for you.

Check Price on Banggood

Check Price on Aliexpress

See Price on Gearbest

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  1. I originally wanted to buy this smartwatch, but the manufacturer said it was not waterproof, so I had to give up because I couldn’t wash my hands or get it in the rain, so why there is IP67 on it? This is wrong.

    • Hi, 禮拜四! Yes, it is not even an IP67 waterproof, unfortunately, it is a non-waterproof watch. in the beginning, they said it is an IP67 waterproof but it obvious now it is non-waterproof.

      • Hello yes! Unfortunately, it is not waterproof. After all, the pneumonia epidemic is serious now. We need to wash our hands frequently, and sometimes we cannot touch water on rainy days. This made me give up this smart watch.

  2. I am confused,

    the follow mentioned above “It brags about IP67 waterproof rating and you can carry it outdoors or in rain without any hesitation” but at the spec mentioned “Non waterproof” – its contradiction….

    what is true here?

    i would like to be able to run with it during rain with full confidence….

    is it 100 percent safe to run with it in the rain?

    • Hi itay! Sorry it was my fault, The watch is non waterproof, I forgot to update the article. Thank you for your attention ☺️.

  3. I have asked the manufacturer many times, but have not received a positive response. After replying later, what I got was that it can be used in the rain, but not in contact with water (very contradictory response), and if it is damaged, I need to be responsible for it.
    I looked forward to it very much, but then I had to give up. . . . .

    • Unfortunately, there is also a good smartwatch similar to Kospet prime 2 called Zeblaze Thor 6. It is waterproof but the battery is poor.

      • Yes, I later bought LEMFO LEM12 PRO. Although it is convenient to use, the battery is too small and the power consumption is a bit high. And communication APP usually does not notify. You need to open the APP frequently before receiving notifications to receive messages, and consider replacing it again.

        I have seen LEMFO LEM14 and Rogbid Brave Pro, but the price of the latter is too high, I don’t know the difference between the two, I think the performance is almost the same

  4. Kospet Prime 2 is just the same piece of trash as the Prime already was. After 3 months the cam doesn’t work any more. Besides that, the cam housing shows corrosion at the spots where the cam housing touches the watch housing. About a month later, the heart rate sensor stopped working. The LED don’t work anymore. Sending the watch back to Kospet is a tired job. Had to send my Prime twice, before they obviously replaced it. There was the same problems, face cam not working, LED failure on display, finally battery expanded that much that the housing cracked. The first repair, they returned it with the cam still not working. After all, it’s a lousy company with poor products. Two tries should be enough-

  5. Andriod 10 with physical SIM is excellent, much better than Andriod Wear, but No NFC?
    So far, I cannot find any Smartwatch with: Andriod 9 or above, physical SIM for 4G LTE, NFC and IP68.


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