LOKMAT COMET Smartwatch Pros and Cons +Full Details

After a long absence! LOKMAT is back again and released its new smartwatch, LOKMAT COMET. This new wearable got a round shape and equipped...
LOKMAT Queen SmartWatch

LOKMAT Queen SmartWatch For Women 2020

After the Lokmat Attack smartwatch, LOKMAT is back again and launched another smartwatch but this time for women called LOKMAT Queen. this new wearable...
LOKMAT ZEUS Smartwatch

LOKMAT ZEUS SmartWatch Pros and Cons + Full Details

After the Lokmat Comet smartwatch! LOKMAT is back again and launched another new smartwatch called LOKMAT ZEUS. this wearable was made and designed especially...

LOKMAT MK11 Smartwatch Pros and Cons

LOKMAT MK11 is a new smartwatch from LOKMAT. a cheap smartwatch with an amazing design compatible only with men and packed with spĂ´rts and...

LOKMAT MK22 Smartwatch Pros and cons

LOKMAT MK22 is another new smartwatch at cheap price. a sporty smartwatch with rugged design for outdoor lovers. The device has a professional waterproof...