NO.1 DT66 Smartwatch

NO.1 DT66 Smartwatch With Female Health Management

Ater the DT65 smartwatch! NO.1 DT has released another smartwatch designed especially for women called NO.1 DT66. The wearable is a fitness tracker that...
LOKMAT Queen SmartWatch

LOKMAT Queen SmartWatch For Women 2020

After the Lokmat Attack smartwatch, LOKMAT is back again and launched another smartwatch but this time for women called LOKMAT Queen. this new wearable...
Newwear R18 Smartwatch

Newwear R18 Smartwatch Pros and Cons + Full Details

Newwear R18 is another new fitness tracker that can monitor your health status and track sports activities in real-time. it records the number of...
LW20 SmartWatch is a Greet Gift For Girls

LW20 SmartWatch is a Greet Gift For Girls 2020

LW20 is another new smartwatch that designed especially for women and girls. it is a fitness tracker that comes with an elegant design and...
BlitzWolf BW-AH1 Smartwatch

BlitzWolf BW-AH1 New Female Smartwatch 2020

After a few months of launching BW-HL1Pro and BW-HL1T smartwatches. Blitwolf is back again with another watch that is specially designed for women, BlitzWolf BW-AH1. The wearable is a...
NO.1 DT89 Smartwatch

NO.1 DT89 New Smartwatch For Women 2020

DT NO.1 has brought a new gift that our daughters and wives surely will like it, the NO.1 DT89 smartwatch. a sporty smartwatch with...

LEMFO LT06 New Smartwatch for Women and Ladies 2020

After LEMFO LT05 smartwatch that was launched last year in 2019. Lemfo is back again to this series and released a new smartwatch for...
LEMFO NY12 Smartwatch

LEMFO NY12 Smartwatch For Women and Girls 2020

LEMFO NY12 is another new smartwatch but this time only for girls and women. The wearable is a sporty smartwatch with fashionable design and...
MK10 SmartWatch

MK10 SmartWatch Pros and Cons + Full Details

  MK10 is a new sporty smartwatch available out in the markets. It is a fashionable smartwatch suitable for men and women. The wearable is...

Kospet Magic Smartwatch Pros and Cons

KOSPET is back again with a new smartwatch called Kospet Magic. The wearable this time is not a watch phone but it's a fitness...