LEMFO LEMP VS LEMFO LEM15 Smartwatch Compariosn


LEMFO LEMP and LEMFO LEM15 and are the latest Android smartwatches by LEMFO in 2021. Both are standalone smartwatches that support 4G sim cards, WIFI, GPS, and Bluetooth. LEM 15 was released in April while the LEMP smartwatch was launched recently in June 2021. So is there any difference between these smartwatches?

What is the difference Between LEMFO LEM P and LEM 15?

Besides the obvious difference in the outlook and design, These smartwatches also differ in terms of specs and technical features. LEMFO LEM P is a dual-mode watch! it can be used as a common standalone smartwatch with a display at maximum brightness, support for touch gestures and apps that can be downloaded from the Play Store. or as a simple fitness tracker with brightness at minimum, touch disabled and basic information about our physical activity. on the other hand, we will find that LEMFO LEM15 is just a standalone smartwatch but with a better processor and operating system. The full details are in the table below.

Device Lemfo LEM15 Lemfo LEMP
Shape Round Round
Dimension 55.5*55.5*17mm 54*54*16.7mm
Weight 73.5g 69.5g
Sim card Nano-sim card Nano-sim card
Display IPS IPS
Screen Size 1.6inch 1.6inch
Screen Resolution 400*400 400*400
Operating System Android 10.7 Android 9.1
ROM 128GB 64GB
  • 2MP Front Camera
  • 5MP Side Camera
  • 5MP Front Camera
  • 5MP Side Camera
Processor Helio P22 SC9832E + nRF52832/PAR2822
Dual Mode NO Yes
Face Unlock Yes Yes
Heart rate monitor Yes Yes
Blood Oxygen monitor NO Yes
Blood Pressure NO NO
Waterproof IP67 IP67
GPS+Bluetooth Yes Yes
Connectivity 4G+WIFI 4G+WIFI
Strap Leather +TPU Leather +TPU
Suitable for swimming NO NO
Battery Capacity 900mAh 1050mAh
Price $ Below $ Below

Price and availability?

Lemfo LEM P and Lem15 and are available on Aliexpress and Banggood at different Prices. You can select the best price for you.

Check Price of LEM15

Check Price of LEMP


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