TICWRIS MAX 4G Smartwatch Pros and Cons + Full Details


TICWRIS MAX is one of the latest Android smartwatches phone available in the market. The new TICWRIS MAX smartwatch comes with a big screen that looks like a mini smartphone and packed with 3GB RAM, 32GB ROM, an 8MP camera, and supports the face unlock feature. So, Let jump to the full details.

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Design of TICWRIS MAX?

The TICWRIS smartwatch comes with a unique design similar to Lemfo Lem T. it’s the second smartwatch with this big body and screen size. measuring 75.2*52*16.6mm and weighing 200g. The body is made of metal while the strap is available in silicone. having also 8MP camera with two physical buttons on the side while the sim card slot is in the back. regarding the display screen. The new TICWRIS MAX has a 2.86 inch large TFT screen with 640*480 of resolution.

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Features of TICWRIS Android watch?

The new smartwatch powered by an MTK6739 processor. and has 3GB of RAM, 32GB of internal memory, and running Android 7.1. The device is a 4G standalone smartwatch support Sim card, WIFI, GPS/GLONASS/A-GPS as well as Bluetooth.

Like Kospet Prime and Prime SE smartwatch. The Kospet TICWRIS also supports The face unlock, and it is one of the most important features in this watch. The device is an IP67 waterproof certification! so you can wear it on rainy days or when you washing your hand. the smartwatch is equipped also with health and fitness tracker features. It has a heart rate monitor, pedometer, and many more. For the battery! The smartwatch has 2880 mah battery capacity with 5-7 days of standby time and 2 days of normal usage.

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TICWRIS MAX: Full Specs?

Device Ticwris watch
Shape Rectangular
Dimension 75.2*52*16.6mm
Weight 200g
Sim card Nano-sim card
Display TFT
Screen Size 2.86inch
Screen Resolution 640*480
Operating System Android 7.1.1
Camera 8MP
Face ID Unlock Yes
Heart rate monitor Yes
Blood oxygen NO
Blood Pressure Yes
Waterproof IP67
GPS+Bluetooth Yes
Connectivity 4G+WIFI
Strap Silicone
Battery Capacity 2880 mAh
Standby time 3-5 days
Price $$

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Pros and Cons of MAX 4G smartwatch?

Pros: Large display screen, Face Unlock, 8MP camera, 4G LTE, huge battery, Long standby time, 3GB RAM, 32GB ROM, Customized Watch Face

Cons: No Sleep Monitor and Blood Pressure Monitor, Strap non-removable

Price and availability?

Ticwris max is available on Aliexpress, Banggood, and Gearbest with different Prices. You can select the best price for you.

See Price on Banggood 

Check Price on Gearbest 

See Price on Aliexpress

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  1. I’ve had the watch for about a week and can say for me its a great buy. You will need to add a sim card as connectivity using wiiwatch 2 with my phone, messages are hit and miss. That being said i have truly enjoyed the large screen and excellent picture. I would change the design of the watch giving it a slight angle down for better viewing but its overly heavy while wearing. I have added Nova launcher as to dress up the screen with no issues. Watch faces are available if you perfer the built in launcher.

    Overall I’m very happy with the purchase and look forward to getting the settings right for true bluetooth connection. I really don’t want another number just for this watch but I love it so much who knows.

  2. Was happy with it till the buckle to the strap got broken. Asked for replacement that never came. Can no longer message the company

  3. I got my TicWris about a week ago. Overall, I’m happy with it. I do have a SIM card for it but have not inserted it yet. My only issue with this watch is that for me, it’s uncomfortable to wear. I have small wrists and it’s not the screen size that bothers me. Of course I was aware of that size being relatively large vs my wrist size and I’m totally fine with that BUT the issue I’m having is that because my wrist/arm is not that large, the watch flops around a bit on me wrist/arm which makes it super uncomfortable. Making it tighter does not help…it just makes it more uncomfortable. What WOULD totally solve this problem would be to change the watch strap to more of a cuff style. Kind of like the cuff’s Wonder Woman wears. Etsy has a TON of watch replacement bands in the cuff style (check out Apple watch cuff’s for idea) and I’ve reached out to many makers. None of them heard of this watch (understandable) and when they’ve looked it up, they replied they can’t make cuff without physically having watch (also understandable). If I could remedy this fit issue, I would love this watch. For now, it sits on my nightstand. Incidentally, I am certain I am not the only one that would prefer to have this watch on a cuff style band. It certainly would improve how it feels on your wrist….at least for those of us with smaller wrists/arms.

  4. Ive had the watch about a week now and have a sim card, which is the only way to enjoy it. The app for android is garbage and useless. I had only one major issue. After inserting the sim in the watch I found that the sim card would disengage from the socket. After some finangling I figured out you cannot tighten the cover down more that barely finger tight or it pushes the card at an angle to make it lose connection. After that, just put Nova launcher on it and a few widgets and you have a fully working watch/phone. I love it and will be using it for a while!

  5. Had the watch just only 2 days, haven’t been able to get the screen to stop flickering. Also what phone service can this watch link to

  6. Had it since July 2020 love the screen but someone need to write a software program that will
    Bluetooth it to your phone so you can use it as a phone without putting the Sim chip in unless
    you want to use it with a different phone number

  7. I had my Ticwris Max for a year with AT&T service until they discontinued service for 3G devices. The Ticwris Max is 4G, but it classifies as an unlocked 3G phone because of its IMEI number. Anyone knows any other service that it can run a sim card on?

  8. This smartwatch is a piece of shit, I have had my watch for three months. It won’t charge anymore and you have to keep putting in a new sim card. I have a warranty but can’t get in touch with the company.

  9. Where can I get a user manual ? It did not come with the Kospet Max android smart watch I ordered from Amazon.


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