DT NO.1 DT78 Smartwatch Pros and Cons + Full Details


After NO. 1 DT68 and DT18! DT NO.1 has launched another new smartwatch with an elegant design called DT NO.1 DT78. The new device is a sporty smartwatch with fitness tracker features and costs less than $30.

Design of NO.1 DT78 smartwatch?

The NO.1 DT78 is a sporty smartwatch with a classy design. having a full round shape with two physical buttons on the side. The body is made of zinc alloy while the strap is of silicone. measuring 4.70 x 1.12 x 28.00 cm and weighing 58g. Regarding the display screen! The new watch has a 1.3-inch full touch IPS screen with 240*240 pixels. while it is available in black, blue, green and brown colors.

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Features of NO.1 DT78?

The DT78 is an IP68 waterproof smartwatch. you can wear it when you washing hands or on rainy days. Additional features are Heart Rate Monitor, Blood Pressure Monitor, Blood Oxygen Monitor, Sleep Monitor, Pedometer, Weather Forcast, Call or Message Reminder, Auto Light-up Screen, Alarm, Calendar, Sedentary reminder, Camera remote control, Anti-lost as well as Bluetooth 4.0 Having also 230mAh battery capacity with 1.5/2h of charging time.

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DT78 Smartwatch Full Specs:

Device NO.1 DT78
Shape Round
Dimension 4.70 x 1.12 x 28.00cm
Weight 58g
Colors Black, Green, Yellow
Display IPS
Screen Size 1.3 Inch
Screen Resolution 240 x 240 pixels
Compatible Os Android & IOS
Sensors Heart rate sensor Sensor
Bluetooth V4.0
Multi-sports mode Yes
Heart rate monitor Yes
Blood Oxygen monitor Yes
Blood Pressure monitor Yes
Waterproof IP68
Additional Features
  • Sedentary reminder
  • Sleep monitor
  • Alarm
  • Barometer
  • Brightness Adjusting ….etc


Battery Capacity 230 mAh
Charging mode direct ( No need of USB cable)
Normal usage 7 days
Strap Silicone
Price $$ The prices below

Pros and Cons of DT NO.1 DT78?

Pros: Amazing design, Cheap price, Fitness tracker features

Cons: Not suitable for swimming

Price and availability?

The NO.1 DT78 is available on Amazon, Gearbest, Aliexpress and Banggood with different Prices. You can select the best price for you.

See Price at Gearbest 

See Price at Banggood 

Check Price on Amazon

Check Price on Aliexpress

DT NO.1 DT78
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a Buyer review: Nice overall watch, strap band almost too short. upper black triangle of the outside ring not flush with the 12 o'clock triangle of screen watch. I guess you get what you pay for :-/dt-no-1-dt79-smartwatch


  1. Hello,
    My Dt78 smartwatch doesn’t keep good time. Anytime I pair it with my phone it shows the correct time but start being late the next day and later the day after that. It seems to be behind 2minutes every other day, please how can I fix this. I haven’t used it for more than a week.


    • same with me. the time keep late minute by minute day by day. for example today the time on the phone is 8.00 am but on the watch 7.58am.. then day after day it the difference is huge like on the phone is 8.00am but on the watch is 7.50am..

  2. My own watch is funny. After collecting it, I connected it to my Car Charger for first charge and it was charging with a particular time displayed below the charging icon. Later on, the screen was blank. I thought it was fully charged so I tried to power it on but it did not come on.


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