Google Pixel Watch 3 with Twice as Bright Display and Thinner Bezels: Leak Reveals Colors and More Specs


Google is set to unveil four Pixel 9 models, including the foldable Pixel 9 Pro Fold, alongside the new Pixel Watch 3 in early August. Although the new watch will not see changes in its chipset, a recent leak suggests that it will feature several other significant upgrades compared to the current Pixel Watch 2.

Pixel Watch 3 Receives FCC Certification

A few days ago, the Pixel Watch 3 was spotted in the database of the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC). This discovery revealed that the successor to the Pixel Watch 2 (available on Amazon) will finally support ultra-wideband (UWB) technology. This advancement will enable more accurate location tracking and functionality as a digital car key. The leak from Android Authority confirms these details and provides additional insights.

Brighter Display and Reduced Bezels


The Pixel Watch 3, available in 41 mm and 45 mm sizes, will feature brighter displays. According to the Google source code, the display brightness is set to reach 2,000 nits, which is twice as bright as the previous model. Marketing materials might present different figures. Additionally, the bezel size will be reduced from 5.5 mm to 4.5 mm. The 41mm model will have a 32×32 mm display with a 408×408 pixel resolution, while the 45mm version will sport a 36×36 mm display with a 456×456 pixel resolution.

Same Chipset, New Colors

Despite these upgrades, the Pixel Watch 3 will retain the same Snapdragon W5 chipset from Qualcomm, including a co-processor. The smaller variant will have a 310 mAh battery, while the larger one will accommodate a 420 mAh battery.

Color Options

New color options are expected for the Pixel Watch 3. Leakers suggest that the silver 41mm case with a Rose Quartz band will complement the pink Pixel 9. The smaller model will also be available in a black chassis with an Obsidian band, a gold chassis with a Hazel band, and a silver chassis with a Porcelain band. The 45mm watch will come in Hazel with a Hazel band, black with an Obsidian band, and silver with a Porcelain band.


The upcoming release of the Pixel Watch 3 and Pixel 9 series showcases Google’s commitment to enhancing its wearable and smartphone technologies. The new watch promises brighter displays, reduced bezels, and a range of stylish color options, making it a significant upgrade from its predecessor.


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