Coros Unveils July 2024 Update For Numerous Smartwatches: Safety alerts, group tracking, navigation enhancements, and more.


Coros is preparing to roll out its highly anticipated July update for a variety of smartwatches. This update introduces robust tracking and safety features, alongside display and control enhancements, to simplify outdoor exploration. Discover the latest software innovations and improvements below.

Safety Alert

Embark on outdoor activities with the assurance that your emergency contacts will be informed of your location if you need assistance. With Safety Alerts activated, emergency contacts are automatically emailed when you start an outdoor activity. If help is required, you can quickly trigger a Safety Alert text message that includes your current GPS coordinates and a live tracking link.

To send a Safety Alert text, hold the assigned button on your device for seven seconds and confirm the action. The message will contain your current GPS coordinates and the live tracking link. Add your emergency contacts in the Safety Alerts settings on the Profile Page of the COROS app.

Group Tracking

During group outdoor activities, keeping track of everyone can be challenging. With Group Tracking, you can view your friends’ current location and real-time activity data directly in the COROS app or on COROS DURA, ensuring no one gets left behind. You can also send an emergency alert to your entire group if you need assistance. Create a team from the Group Tracking menu in the COROS app, invite team members to join, upload a route, and view each other’s location data during your group activity.

Cycling Power Zones and FTP

Design cycling workouts with power zones based on your Functional Threshold Power (FTP) to train at the right intensity and monitor the specific Training Load on your body during rides. Training Load is based on power when connected to a power meter or calculated using heart rate when no power meter is present.

Navigation Control Updates

The mapping interface on your watch now features enhanced control via the touchscreen. Tap the plus or minus button to zoom in or out, and drag your finger to move the map. Dismiss Turn by Turn alerts with a swipe up to return to full-screen route view. This allows the digital dial to be used exclusively for scrolling through data pages or pausing your activity.

Additional Updates

Route Building Enhancements

You can now see the elevation gain/loss of a route while building it, making it easier to create the exact route you need for training.

Activity Mode Control Center

This new widget within the toolbox lets you change activity alerts, satellite modes, touchscreen settings, and more quickly. Hold the back button during any activity to enter the toolbox and access this menu for easy adjustments relevant to your workout.

Running/Cycling Performance Changed to Efficiency

“Running Performance” is now reclassified as “Efficiency” and included with eligible cycling activities. This metric describes the relationship between your pace and heart rate on a run or power and heart rate on a ride, aligning with your fitness level. Your Efficiency score helps you understand how external or internal factors (such as heat, elevation, or fatigue) impact your workout, allowing better preparation for future sessions.

Treadmill Workout Optimizations

For treadmill workouts without a POD 2, ensure accurate pace measurements by setting the speed and grade beforehand or adjusting them during the workout on the pause screen.

Navigation Widget Activity Selection

When navigating a route from the Navigation widget in the toolbox, you can now choose the activity mode for tracking the route.

EvoLab Chart UI Improvements

Optimized EvoLab charts now feature smoother curves to enhance readability.

Structured Workout Optimizations

When performing a time-based workout with Auto-Start “off,” you can now see the amount of time exceeded in the planned workout phase. For rock climbing workouts, the builder defaults to the number of routes instead of time when adding new stages.

COROS’s Rollout Schedule for July Updates Revealed

Athletes can mark their calendars for the imminent release of these groundbreaking updates, with a public beta scheduled to launch on July 8 for select COROS models (PACE 3, APEX 2, APEX 2 Pro and VERTIX 2). While PACE 2, APEX Pro, and VERTIX users can access the Public Beta starting July 24th.

Stay tuned for the release of this comprehensive update and take advantage of these exciting new features to elevate your outdoor adventures.


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