Vivo Watch 3 ECG SmartWatch With GPS, NFC, 16 Days Battery Life launched


Vivo unveils an upgraded version of its renowned smartwatch, the Vivo Watch 3, boasting a remarkable addition: ECG support. This latest iteration not only promises a prolonged battery life of 16 days but also flaunts a sizable, circular AMOLED display and a premium metal casing.

A Recap: Origins and Evolution

Originally introduced last November alongside the Vivo X100 Ultra, the Vivo Watch 3 makes a striking return with its latest enhancements. While maintaining its signature black metal casing coupled with a sleek black leather strap, the core features of this smartwatch remain largely consistent.

The Highlight: Electrocardiogram Integration

The spotlight of this upgrade shines on the incorporation of an electrocardiogram (ECG) feature. With an ECG cycle spanning 30 seconds, the primary aim is to detect irregular heart rhythms, such as atrial fibrillation. Augmenting its health-centric capabilities, Vivo equips the watch with a heart rate monitor, blood oxygen sensor, acceleration sensor, and gyroscope, empowering it to support over 100 sports modes. Additionally, comprehensive cycle and sleep tracking functionalities enrich the device’s health monitoring suite.

Unmatched Utility: NFC Chip and Integrated GPS

Designed for seamless convenience, the Vivo Watch 3 houses an NFC chip for effortless contactless payments and an integrated GPS module for navigation sans smartphone dependency within Bluetooth range. Display-wise, a circular 1.43-inch AMOLED screen graces the device, boasting a repertoire of over 100 watch faces, even in its always-on mode. Vivo claims an impressive 16-day battery life under normal usage conditions, although utilization of the always-on display and the integrated LTE modem reduces runtime to a still-respectable three days.

Pricing and Availability

Initially slated for release exclusively in China, the Vivo Watch 3 with integrated ECG functionality commands a price tag of 1,499 yuan (approximately 192 euros). This marks a modest increase of 400 yuan (roughly 51 euros) compared to its ECG-lacking counterpart, reflecting the added value brought forth by this groundbreaking feature. BUY NOW

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