Google Pixel Watch 3 XL Leaked Images Show Larger Display, New Design Details


The Google Pixel Watch 3 is set to be offered for the first time in a larger XL variant, which is now seen for the first time in high-resolution render images. Google incorporates a significantly larger display and revises the quick-change wristband system.

Render Images Reveal the Larger Variant

Google Pixel Watch 3 XL

After the first render images of the Google Pixel Watch 3 surfaced just on Monday, the larger Pixel Watch 3 XL is now also seen in pictures for the first time, published by the highly reliable leaker @OnLeaks on Android Headlines. At first glance, the look doesn’t seem to change much.

Larger Dimensions and Enhanced Displays

However, the Pixel Watch 3 XL measures 45 x 45 millimeters, instead of the 41 x 41 millimeters of the Pixel Watch 2. With a height of 13.89 millimeters, the watch is about 1.6 millimeters thicker than the Pixel Watch 2. The larger casing allows Google to install a round display with a diagonal of 1.45 inches, instead of the 1.2 inches of the regular Pixel Watch 3.

Potentially Longer Battery Life

The larger, thicker casing should make room for a larger battery, although whether the smartwatch achieves a longer battery life is not yet known. The Pixel Watch 3 XL is said not to be compatible with the bands of the Pixel Watch 3 or even the Pixel Watch 2. The quick-change system looks identical at first glance, but is larger and therefore requires new bands.

Familiar Features in a Larger Format

Even the larger Pixel Watch 3 XL features a digital crown, an additional button on the right side, and the same sensor arrangement, suggesting that the smartwatch will continue to offer an electrocardiogram (EKG). According to earlier rumors, both the Pixel Watch 3 and the Pixel Watch 3 XL could receive an Ultra-Wideband (UWB) chip, but otherwise, there are few details about the expected updates.

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