Garmin Unveils Powerful Q2 Update for Forerunner Watches: New Features and Bug Fixes


Garmin athletes, get ready to level up your training and exploration experiences! The highly anticipated Public Beta Version 19.09 is rolling out for the Forerunner 965, marking the beginning of the Q2 update cycle. This update packs a punch with innovative features designed to combat jet lag, enhance connectivity, and provide peace of mind during outdoor adventures.

Travel Like a Pro: Conquer Jet Lag with Personalized Guidance

No more dreading the dreaded jet lag! The groundbreaking Jet Lag Advisor glance offers personalized recommendations tailored to your travel plans. Simply input your itinerary, and the advisor generates a customized plan with light exposure schedules, sleep timing suggestions, and even exercise routines. This comprehensive approach helps your body adjust faster to new time zones, minimizing jet lag woes and optimizing your performance from the moment you arrive.

Stay Connected on the Go: Seamless Messaging with the Garmin Messenger App

Adventures shouldn’t mean losing touch with loved ones. The exciting integration with the Garmin Messenger app allows you to connect directly from your watch. View messages at a glance, send replies (with an active cellular connection or WiFi), and stay seamlessly connected, even in remote areas where phone signal might be limited.

Never Lose Your Phone Again: Innovative “Find My Phone” Feature to the Rescue

Lost your phone while venturing outdoors? Fear not! The ingenious “Find My Phone” feature leverages GPS technology to guide you back to the last connected location. This eliminates frantic searches and wasted time backtracking, ensuring a stress-free experience during your outdoor pursuits.

Enhanced Accuracy and User Experience: A Focus on Performance and Refinement

This update prioritizes both performance and user experience. The heart rate dynamic source switching ensures the most reliable data during runs by intelligently selecting the optimal source (watch sensor or chest strap) for your activity. Additionally, various bug fixes address persistent notification vibrations for incoming calls, intermittent music control crashes, and inconsistencies between activity profile ordering on Garmin Connect and the device itself. UI improvements further streamline your interaction with the watch, making navigation and data access effortless.

Availability and Installation:

Public Beta Version 19.09 is currently available for download on the Forerunner 965. The update for the Forerunner 955 is expected soon, with a similar change-log anticipated. You can manually check for and download the update by navigating to Main Menu > Settings > System > Software Update > Check For Updates.

With this power-packed update, Garmin demonstrates its unwavering commitment to empowering athletes with cutting-edge tools to overcome challenges and elevate their training journeys. So, pack your bags, conquer jet lag, stay connected, and explore with confidence – the latest Garmin update has you covered!

Source: Garmin

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