Garmin Unveils New Stable Update For The Forerunner 965, 955, 265, 255, and 165 SmartWatches: New Features & Bug Fixes


Embracing innovation, the Garmin Forerunner 165, 955, 965, 255, and 265 smartwatches have embarked on a transformative journey with the infusion of a groundbreaking stable software update. This substantial update, comprising over a dozen enhancements, not only rectifies lingering bugs but also introduces a plethora of novel functionalities, catapulting these timepieces to new heights of excellence.

A Pioneering Rollout

Following a brief stint in the public beta testing arena, the latest stable update for the Forerunner series has emerged triumphantly. True to its essence, this new iteration meticulously addresses lingering issues that marred the efficacy of previous stable updates. Software Version 19.18, in particular, stands as a testament to Garmin’s commitment to perfection, with fixes addressing discrepancies in settings adherence, persistent vibrations for incoming calls, and sporadic crashes plaguing the music control service.

Elevation of Performance

Beyond rectifying prevalent anomalies, the new software build heralds a dawn of enhanced performance and reliability. Notably, it eradicates disparities in activity profile sequencing between Connect and the Forerunner watches, while also quelling the intermittent disconnections haunting Zwift heart rate monitors and iOS devices. Moreover, the introduction of the ‘Find My Phone’ feature underscores Garmin’s relentless pursuit of innovation, empowering users to navigate back to their smartphone’s last known location using onboard GPS technology.

Unveiling Novel Capabilities

In a move that underscores Garmin’s unwavering dedication to pushing boundaries, the Forerunner series watches now boasts compatibility with the Garmin Messenger App. Mirroring the functionality of iMessage, this revolutionary app not only facilitates seamless communication via satellite networks through inReach device compatibility but also serves as a beacon of safety with its 24/7 SOS functionality. Furthermore, the flagship Forerunner smartwatch has been endowed with the ability to seamlessly toggle between its built-in heart rate monitor and a chest-worn counterpart during running activities, ensuring unparalleled accuracy.

Comprehensive Changelog Highlights

  • Find My Phone feature: Leveraging GPS during an activity to retrace steps to the location where a phone lost connection.
  • Garmin Messenger App: Empowering users with the ability to communicate effortlessly through Garmin Messenger, complemented by a glance and app.
  • Pin Drop Navigation: Enabling users to effortlessly share and send locations from Apple Maps.
  • HR Dynamic Source Switching: Enhancing running activity accuracy by dynamically selecting the optimal heart rate data source, be it the watch or chest HRM.
  • Jet Lag Adviser glance
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Rectification of the “Lock On Road” setting oversight.
    • Mitigation of intermittent crashes in music control.
    • Alleviation of persistent notification vibrations for incoming calls.
    • Resolution of activity profile ordering inconsistencies between Connect and the device.
    • Remediation of intermittent Zwift heart rate monitor dropouts on iOS.
    • Prevention of intermittent jump rope activity upload failures.
    • Automatic selection of distance units in real-time settings.
    • Refinement of UI haptic feedback.
    • Implementation of various UI enhancements and fixes.

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