Garmin releases a new Update For Fenix 6 and Marq Watches: New Features and Bug fixes


Garmin continues its commitment to refining user experiences with its latest release, Beta Version 26.95, targeted at its flagship smartwatches like the Garmin Fenix 6 and Garmin Marq. This update, part of Garmin’s Beta Program, delivers a fresh set of bug fixes, addressing lingering issues and paving the way for an upcoming stable update.

Beta Version 26.95 Rollout

As of today, Garmin has commenced the distribution of Beta Version 26.95, marking another milestone in its firmware development journey. This update, intended for approximately 25% of eligible smartwatches enrolled in Garmin’s Beta Program, follows a series of beta releases since the unveiling of Beta Version 26.00 back in June 2023.

Manual Update Trigger

While the automatic delivery of Beta Version 26.95 may take a few more days, users can initiate the download manually by navigating to Menu, System, Software Update, and then selecting Check For Updates.

Notable Improvements in Beta Version 26.95

Garmin’s official changelog highlights significant enhancements over the previous Beta Version 26.93. Notably, Beta Version 26.95 addresses issues such as duplicate data screens in the Backcountry XC activity and erroneous ‘Sync Failed’ messages post-successful synchronization.

Future Developments and Stability Updates

However, the question looms regarding Garmin’s trajectory beyond the 26.xx builds and the provision of stable updates post-Software Version 26.00. It remains to be seen when the next stable update will emerge.

Key Changes in Beta Version 26.95

Beta Version 26.95 introduces several noteworthy changes from Software Version 26.00, including:

  • Device Settings Backup and Restore.
  • Manual software updates via Wi-Fi for Pro models.
  • CIQ App Rating expansion to all CIQ Types.
  • Ski splits tracking capability.
  • Bluetooth-enabled software update checks.
  • Support for 100hz sensor rate for CIQ apps.
  • Enhanced music shuffling randomness for Pro models.
  • Refined display of ski/snowboard activity summaries.
  • Updated software backup notifications.
  • Removal of course points limitation, among others.

Comprehensive Bug Fixes

Additionally, Beta Version 26.95 addresses an array of issues across various functionalities, ensuring smoother user experiences and improved device performance. Notable fixes include addressing language display inconsistencies, improving alarm tone activation, refining GPS acquisition notifications, and rectifying issues with activities like skiing, swimming, and golf.


Garmin’s commitment to firmware development underscores its dedication to enhancing the functionality and reliability of its smartwatch offerings. As users await further stability updates and feature enhancements, Beta Version 26.95 stands as a testament to Garmin’s ongoing efforts to refine its products and cater to the evolving needs of its user base.

Source: Garmin


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