Garmin Instinct 3 leaks in first photos with solar, GPS, and design adjustments


Garmin is set to refresh its Instinct 2 Solar by introducing the new Instinct 3. Early photos of the upcoming smartwatch reveal several design tweaks and confirm that it will feature solar cells to extend battery life.

Continuation of Solar-Powered Features

The Garmin Instinct 2, launched in February 2022, is due for an update. The anticipated successor, discovered by Gadgets & Wearables, is identified as the Garmin Instinct 3, based on prominent markings on the back of the prototype smartwatch.

Design Adjustments and Retained Features

Garmin Instinct 3

Garmin has made only minor design changes. The round case, combined with a rectangular and a smaller round display, remains, as do the three buttons on the left and two on the right of the case. The smartwatch will still use a MiP display, known for its energy efficiency and readability in sunlight, although it only shows content in black and white. The “Solar” marking indicates that Garmin will continue to include solar cells, offering potentially unlimited battery life with adequate sunlight.

Retained and Potentially Upgraded Components

The Instinct 3 retains key components like the GPS module, three-axis compass, and barometric altimeter. However, due to a sticker on the prototype’s back, it remains uncertain if there will be any sensor upgrades. The design does see some modernization with a larger glass surface, a thinner bezel, and orange accents.

Awaiting Official Release and Market Anticipation

As of now, Garmin has not officially announced a release date for the Instinct 3. The anticipation for this new model is building among tech enthusiasts and current Garmin users alike. The potential improvements in design and functionality are generating significant interest. Consumers are particularly excited about the integration of solar cells, which promises extended battery life. This feature is expected to be especially beneficial for outdoor enthusiasts who rely on long-lasting power during their adventures.

The modernized design, with its larger glass surface and thinner bezel, suggests that Garmin is focusing on both aesthetics and practicality. The inclusion of orange accents hints at a more vibrant and customizable appearance. As more details emerge, speculations about possible upgrades in sensors and other components continue to circulate. The tech community eagerly awaits further information, hoping for enhancements that will elevate the performance and usability of the Instinct 3.

Given Garmin’s history of producing reliable and innovative wearable technology, expectations are high. The Instinct 3 is poised to build on the success of its predecessor, offering improvements that cater to both existing fans and new users. As the release date approaches, more leaks and official announcements are expected, which will provide a clearer picture of what the Instinct 3 has to offer. For now, the smartwatch community remains in eager anticipation, ready to embrace Garmin’s latest addition to its impressive lineup.


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