First retailer leak suggests Garmin Fenix 8 & Fenix FE coming this September as Fenix 7 successors


Excitement is building around the Garmin Fenix 8 smartwatch, which might be unveiled this September based on a recent leak from a Finnish retailer. This would provide the first solid details about the device’s launch following months of rumors, potentially marking a significant update to Garmin’s premier multisport watch line.

Possible Launch Date and Event

The reveal is expected just before IFA Berlin, starting on September 6th. Garmin frequently introduces new products at this major European tech event, making it a prime occasion to debut the Fenix 8 series.

Sizing and Design Changes

Reports suggest the Fenix 8 will come in 43mm, 47mm, and 51mm sizes, adjusting slightly from the current 42mm, 47mm, and 51mm options. This subtle change in size may hint at design refinements or the integration of new hardware features.

Color Options and Variations

The Fenix 8 will be available in several colors: WhiteStone with a Whitestone band, Slategray steel/Black with a Black Band, and Stainless Steel/Black. Garmin might expand these color options further in the future.

Pricing Information

According to the leak, prices for the Fenix 8 are expected to be higher than the current lineup. The 43mm and 47mm models are listed at 995.90 euros, while the 51mm model is priced at 1,095.90 euros. Additionally, there will be a more budget-friendly Fenix E variant in a 47mm size, priced at 797.90 euros.

Historical Context and Strategic Timing

This potential launch fits Garmin’s typical 2-3 year update cycle for the Fenix series. The last major release, the Fenix 7, debuted in January 2022, followed by the Fenix 7 Pro in May 2023. The timing of the Fenix 8 release could be strategic, aligning with the largest European tech event and the holiday shopping season.

Merging of Fenix and Epix Lines

The higher pricing might indicate a merger of Garmin’s Fenix and Epix lines, addressing the current overlap in features between these models. The main difference between the two has been display technology.

AMOLED Display Possibility

While it may not appeal to everyone, an AMOLED display on the Fenix 8 could attract a wider audience. The Epix has already garnered a following due to this display type. Garmin seems to be moving away from Memory-in-Pixel (MIP) display technology.

Introduction of Fenix E Model

The introduction of a Fenix E model is particularly interesting. This variant might retain the MIP display, possibly incorporating features from the Enduro line. It could provide a more affordable option for users who prioritize longer battery life over a high-resolution display. The “E” in the name might stand for “Enduro,” although this is speculative.

Implications for Garmin’s Product Strategy

This potential restructuring of the Fenix line could significantly impact Garmin’s product strategy. By integrating features from multiple lines into the Fenix series, Garmin might streamline its product offerings while still meeting diverse user needs.

Source: Finnish retailer


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