Amazfit Unveils Zepp Flow 1.4: Enhanced Replies, Calling & Health and Activity Features


In a move to enhance the capabilities of its smartwatch lineup, Zepp Health has unveiled a substantial software update, Zepp Flow 1.4. This update marks a significant milestone in the evolution of their wearable technology, bringing forth a host of new features, improved functionality, and a refined user experience.

Features of Zepp Flow 1.4

The update to Zepp Flow 1.4 promises a range of new features and improvements aimed at significantly enhancing the user experience. In particular, the options for reacting to notifications have been improved, although this feature is currently only available in conjunction with an Android smartphone. Users can now respond to notifications via voice input, such as WhatsApp messages.

Bluetooth Calls Directly from Zepp Flow

A notable innovation is the ability to initiate Bluetooth calls directly from Zepp Flow. This allows users to call their contacts directly or enter phone numbers. However, this feature is not available on the T-Rex Ultra and Falcon models.

Enhanced Health and Activity Features

Zepp Flow 1.4 also introduces new features in the areas of health and activity tracking. Users can now enable or disable notifications for reaching activity goals and be alerted to low blood oxygen saturation levels. Additionally, the new software allows for automatic touchscreen lock during workouts to prevent erroneous inputs.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

According to the manufacturer, Zepp Flow 1.4 also addresses several known issues and improves speech recognition. This month, updates will be provided for the Amazfit Cheetah, Cheetah Pro, Amazfit T-Rex Ultra, and Amazfit Falcon. As stated by Zepp Health, Zepp Flow is now also available in parts of Asia and Latin America.

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