Amazfit Helio Smart Ring 2024: Release Date + Features


Amazfit has taken the stage at CES 2024 to introduce its latest innovation, the Helio smart ring. In a hands-on experience with the device, it becomes evident that this wearable deviates from the wellness-focused rings seen in the market, such as those from Oura, Ultrahuman, and Movano. Instead, the Helio positions itself as more of a fitness tracker, reminiscent of the Whoop 4.0 but designed to be worn on the finger.

A Shift Towards Fitness Tracking

Unlike traditional smart rings, the Amazfit Helio prioritizes measuring recovery. While details about the companion app and additional features were not fully disclosed during our initial hands-on encounter, the company emphasizes that the device will offer training insights and sleep analysis.

Wearing the Helio grants users access to various performance metrics, including VO2 Max estimates, race time predictions, training effect, and load measurements. For a comprehensive training analysis, the Helio can be seamlessly integrated with an Amazfit smartwatch. However, the specifics of which data will be shared between the two devices remain unclear. Speculations point towards potential heart rate tracking during workouts, a domain where smart rings typically face challenges in maintaining accuracy.

Comprehensive Health Monitoring

One standout feature of the Helio is its inclusion of an electrodermal activity sensor, similar to those found in smartwatches like the Google Pixel Watch 2. This sensor monitors stress responses throughout the day, providing users with valuable insights into their emotional well-being.

Design and Durability

In terms of design, the Helio appears quite typical when worn on the finger, with a weight of approximately 4g (US ring size 12). The gold-ish finish and subtle perforations around the exterior contribute to its aesthetic appeal. Amazfit assures users that the titanium alloy construction is both skin-friendly and capable of withstanding intense activities. While the 10ATM rating suggests sweat resistance, it’s important to note that the Helio is not explicitly promoted for use during intense gym workouts.

Pricing and Release Date

As of now, Amazfit has not disclosed the pricing details for the Helio Ring. Interested users can register with Amazfit to stay informed. The expected shipping date for the Helio is set for March, adding to the anticipation surrounding this unique smart ring.

Conclusion: A Budget-Friendly Game-Changer?

The Helio marks not only the emergence of a smart ring from a major player in the wearable industry but also a potential game-changer in the budget-friendly category. As we await further details in the weeks leading up to the launch, the Helio promises to bring a fresh perspective to athletic performance tracking in the world of wearables. Stay tuned for updates as the launch date approaches, with pricing information set to be revealed in the coming weeks.


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