Amazfit Brings New Features To The Falcon, T-Rex Ultra & Cheetah with Free Software Update


Amazfit is revolutionizing the user experience for several of its smartwatches with a plethora of new features, all delivered free of charge through a comprehensive software update. From enhanced map displays to cutting-edge fitness tracking capabilities, users are in for a treat.

A Generous Update from Zepp Health

Zepp Health, the brains behind the Amazfit wearables, has pulled the curtains off a substantial update set to transform the functionality of several smartwatches. While specifics on the rollout timeline remain somewhat vague, Zepp Health has assured users that the update will commence its journey to devices in the coming weeks.

Coverage and Compatibility

The forthcoming software update is slated to cover a trio of notable Amazfit models: the Amazfit Cheetah, Amazfit Falcon, and Amazfit T-Rex Ultra. Key among the new features is the introduction of Zepp Flow, a digital assistant that promises to elevate the smartwatch experience to new heights. However, for users of the Amazfit Falcon and T-Rex Ultra, the use of wireless headphones with an integrated microphone is a prerequisite for accessing certain functionalities. It’s worth noting that compatibility with all headsets isn’t guaranteed; only selected models are endorsed by the manufacturer.

Enhanced Functionality Across the Board

The update doesn’t stop at introducing Zepp Flow. It also ushers in a host of additional capabilities. Hikers, in particular, will rejoice at the ability to download contour maps directly onto their devices. These maps not only outline the terrain but also provide insights into gradient strength, invaluable information for navigating rugged landscapes. Furthermore, navigation notifications, delivered via gentle vibrations, ensure users stay on the right path during their outdoor adventures.

A Boost for Cyclists

Cycling enthusiasts have reason to celebrate as well, with the update enabling seamless pairing between Amazfit smartwatches and bicycle speedometers. Additionally, the inclusion of heart rate variability monitoring adds a new dimension to fitness tracking, offering insights into recovery status based on the variance between consecutive heartbeats.

Looking Ahead: Readiness Score and More

The future holds even more promise for Amazfit users, with the introduction of a readiness score that monitors both physical and mental recovery. Integration with Zepp Coach promises to streamline training plans, while the option to display data on the smartwatch screen in green, red, or orange hues aims to mitigate glare, particularly during nocturnal activities.

Amazfit users can anticipate an enhanced, more personalized experience thanks to this forthcoming software update, marking yet another stride forward in the realm of wearable technology.

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