UMIDIGI Uwatch 2S SmartWatch

UMIDIGI Uwatch 2S SmartWatch Pros and Cons + Full Details

After one year of launching Umidigi Uwatch 2. Umidigi has released the second version with more improvement called UMIDIGI Uwatch 2S. The new device is a...

UMIDIGI Uwatch GT Smartwatch Pros and Cons + Full Details

After UMIDIGI Uwatch 2! UMIDIGI is back again with another smartwatch called UMIDIGI Uwatch GT. The wearable comes this time with a great design...

Umidigi Uwatch3 Smartwatch Full Specifications

  Umidigi Uwatch3 is the latest smartwatch from Umidigi. It's a sporty smartwatch with square shape and fitness tracker features. The wearable packed with some...

UMIDIGI Ufit VS Uwatch GT Smartwatch Comparison

UMIDIGI Ufit and Uwatch GT are the latest smartwatches from UMIDIGI. Both are fitness trackers with high features in design and technical features. The...
UMIDIGI Uwatch 3S SmartWatch

UMIDIGI Uwatch 3S SmartWatch Pros and Cons + Full Details

After Umidigi Uwatch 2S. Umidigi is back again and brought us another new smartwatch called UMIDIGI Uwatch 3S. The new device is a fitness...

UMIDIGI URUN VS UMIDIGI Uwatch 2S Smartwatch Comparison

UMIDIGI Urun and Uwatch 2S are the latest two smartwatches from UMIDIGI in 2020. Both are sporty wearables that can manage health status and...
UMIDIGI UFit Pro SmartWatch

UMIDIGI UFit Pro SmartWatch 2022: Specs, Price, Pros & Cons

After a few days of launching the Umidigi Uwatch 5, UMIDIGI is back again and brought us a new device with more features called...
UMIDIGI Uwatch 5 GPS SmartWatch

UMIDIGI Uwatch 5 GPS SmartWatch: Pros & Cons + Full Details

After six months of launching the UMIDIGI Uwatch 3S, UMIDIGI is back again and launched a new brand smartwatch under the name of UMIDIGI...
Umidigi Uwatch 2S VS Uwatch 2 SmartWatch

Umidigi Uwatch 2S VS Uwatch 2 SmartWatch Comparison

Last year! Umidigi launched its sporty smartwatch at a low price,  Umidigi Uwatch 2. This year! The company back again with the second version...

Umidigi Uwatch3 vs Uwatch 2 Smartwatch

  After Umidigi Uwatch 2 that was launching in July 2019. Recently, Umidigi has released another new smartwatch called Umidigi Uwatch3. both are sporty smartwatches...

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